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Welcome to the War Soldiers League site!

We are pleased to having you here on our league site!
We are trying to ensure that we can offer you a well running league.
To guarantee pleasure and fun for you and all other players, we expect you to show fairness, activity and punctuality.
All times on this page is in gmt+2  

We hope you enjoy your time with us.
The War Soldiers League Team.

First steps in the online league

1. Fill out registration

First you have to register. You can find the registration form on the left side. Just fill it out and look at your email adress to activate your account.

2. Create team

On the right side you you can enter your username and password. After the successfull login you will see a menu where you can change your profil, create a team or join team. Just take a little bit of time to get a feeling of what you can do in all areas.

3. Join league

To join a league you need a team and administration rights for the team. You got the rights automaticaly with the creation of the team. That is why you can join a league now. Click on the league area and select a league which you ant to join. Perhaps you will need a password to join the league. In this case read the league information to get further information.

This Competition will start on Friday 30th May 19h00 (GMT+1 France)
It's a 2v2.
4 or 5 private servers unranked will be used for this Event. Pings will be the same for all servers and will be same as usual on TDM servers.
Password to join servers will be sent by mail, PM on this Forum or by Origin.

2 rounds winning (3rd CTR round if needed) :
1st- Crashsite on Financial district (15mns/300 points)
2nd- Crashsite on Hells kitchen (15mns/300 points)
3rd- Capture the relay on Skyline (2 rounds, 15mns/round)

All perks allowed except Surveillance and Auto Armor.
Only Dsg weapon, Pistols and Grenades are allowed.
Punch/melee and air stomp allowed.

No C4/Rex and jaw.

Disabled on the servers :
Vtol, aliens and environmental weapons, HMG M50 and the pinger.
Armorboost (deathstreak)

Bonus (killstreak, don't use retriever perk^^)

Prize for the Winner :
a Crysis 3 server with full admin rights for 1 month.
Server customized as you want (name, rotation map, settings, rules...)

You want to join and sign up in this free Dsg Competition ?!
Just text your name's Team (Tag) and the player's names here :
This Competition is public and free :)

Waiting for the Competition start, you can have training on this server specially set with these settings :)
Aliens weapons disabled, pinger and pole disabled,...
Type "training" with no rules filters to find it ;)

We provide also a free Teamspeak 3 with some special channels for this event :

TDM TS : :10095
Feel free to use it.

This video will show you some overview about the upcoming and last Crysis 3 tourney, the CRYSIS 3 GRAND FINALS!

--Register at yourself and your team!--

Tourney takes place from 12 -13 April (Start: 7pm gmt+1).



Origin-ID: IRap7oRI


A petition to Crytek to fix the major issues of Crysis 3.
PLS SIGN AND SHARE. There is a change that they will fix it.
We have opened the 1on1 DM Ladder for PC and PS3 sign up and challenge your opponent!



Tourney starts on: 13.07.13 7:00pm gmt+2
Sing up Close: 13.07.13 6:30pm gmt+2

2on2 Crashsite Cup

pearks activated

follow Maps
Skyline, Airport, Financial District, Chinatown or East River
you can Vote the maps

Tourney prices

1st place Hama uRage mouse
2nd place DLC The lost Island code

please sign in the chat 6:30pm gmt+2
sing up PC here:

and PS3 no price here:

The winner is
Coin with SDub and Rap7orMaxi Hama Gaming mouse

secend place
SiTH with Demonixblood and WaR_SPiRiT Crysis 3 DLC Code
we have a bug in our registration the bug was fixed and all accounts have been activated

Tourney name: 3on3 Capture the Flag
Status: Sign in phase
Number of participants: 0/16
Participants type: Only teams can join this tourney
Modus: CTF

Tourney starts on: 29.06.13 7:00pm gmt+2

see more in our Forum
1. place CoreGamerZ

2. place HNT1 

here is the Cuptree
The winner from first 1on1 Deathmatch ladder

1. place Deathkizzz with 12 points

2. place saibot852 with 8 points